International Purchase Information Platform


Wei Luo

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 16:00


TH 331


4:00 PM


Professors James Wong, Margaritte Murphy


It is popular and an accepted practice for people from Asian countries to buy products in USA or European countries. The main reason for this popularity is the high quality of those products. Typically, visitors and students who visit USA will return to their home countries carrying many US and European products such as iPhones, computers, and watches for their families and friends. Visitors to the US find a wider selection of those desired products, often at lower prices. The International Purchase Information Platform (IPIP) Website is a web-based application to facilitate this kind of trade. The main purpose of this project is to connect people such as visitors & students who can act as buyers and carriers of the bought items from the US back to buyers in the Asian countries—and to accomplish the linking by means of an efficient and user-friendly internet application platform. On this website buyers can post their needs about what they want to be bought for them, how much they are prepared to pay for the foreign products, and where they live. Similarly, those prepared to do the buying and delivery can also post their information on it: such as in which country they are staying (perhaps studying), what products can they buy, where would they go back to, and how much they would charge for their purchasing and delivery service. The International Purchase Information Platform (IPIP) Website makes use of the latest internet technologies The project incorporates many advanced features including a built-in search engine able to narrow down a search based on postings info.

Wei Luo