Animating Disk-Based Hashing Using AMAS


Jun Wang

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, December 2, 2011 - 15:10


TH 331


3:10 PM


Professors Margaritte Murphy and James Wong


Access Method Animation System (AMAS) software is a tool to help introductory database systems students understand the standard algorithms used to implement access methods. Previous versions of AMAS implemented both B-plus tree and heap algorithms, and provided a framework for adding other algorithms. This project extends the current version of AMAS by implementing three disk-based hashing algorithms: external hashing, extendible hashing, and linear hashing. The new system (AMAS3) animates hashing methods by visually displaying the steps required to insert, retrieve, and delete a record from a hashed storage structure using a specific access method. Each computational step that occurs during the operation is described and a graphic illustrating the overall state of the storage structure is updated. AMAS3 was introduced to students in CSC730 and CSC775/675 during the Fall 2011 semester. These students found it easier to understand the standard hashing algorithms by animating their own test cases rather than learning this material from textbooks and lectures. The AMAS3 software is fully functional and is being released as Open Source software under a GNU3 license.

Jun Wang

Access method, Database, Animation, Static hashing, Linear hashing, Extendible hashing