olpcNET - A Collaboration Model


Jesus Villar

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 04:30


TH 331


4:30 PM


Professors Petkovic, Levine (CS) and S. Verma (ISYS)


lpcNET – A Collaboration Model, is a research project to support the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) effort. Its goal is to provide a singular entry point for collaboration to three main OLPC stakeholders: volunteers, developers and teachers. The olpcNET web model offers to the users the following capabilities: web conferencing, chat, VoIP, desktop sharing, presentation and whiteboard. Currently, the volunteers, developers, and teachers do not have a centralized collaboration solution where they can participate in an efficient fashion when developing, supporting and performing activities or events around the XO's laptops. The variety and number of the systems in the organization and communities often created an environment difficult for the participants to stay focused and connected to the overall effort of the project. The current systems used for collaboration are the IRC, WebEx, and Skype. The olpcNET was implemented fully with open source technology. Although two main platforms were considered for this model, the BigBlueButton (BBB) was the solution that offered major advantages and simplicity. The olpcNET model was built on BBB, which at the same time utilize more than fourteen open source components, from enterprise messaging to telephony engine, and has the capability to be integrated in several open source platforms like Drupal and Moodle. Business techniques and methods were also used in the analysis and decisions for the implementation of this solution. The collaboration model here created is not exclusive to the OLPC world. Therefore, the olpcNET model could be used in organizations experiencing similar collaboration challenges, or for training purposes.

Jesus Villar

Collaboration Technologies, BigBlueButton, OpenQwaq, OLPC, XO Laptop, Moodle, Drupal, VM testing, VirtualBox testing, Web Conferencing Platform, Flex, ActiveMQ, Asterisk.