Android Field Identification and Data Collection Tool


Nandeesh Channabasappa Rajashekar

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 16:00


HH 301


04:00 PM


Professors Murphy, and Petkovic


Dichotomous keys are one of the best methods adopted by biologists to identify plant specimens. Many dichotomous keys exist in the form of books and desktop applications, however these formats have major drawbacks for field usage: they are not easy to use without technical expertise, they are not portable and they do not include an integrated application for viewing dichotomous keys as well as collecting field observations. The Android Field Data Collection Tool is an interactive, user-friendly application built on a mobile platform that overcomes all of these drawbacks. This project addresses the design, development, testing and evaluation of the Android Field Data Collection Tool. This application provides a graphical user interface to view multiple dichotomous keys and collect observations in the form of scientific name, GPS coordinates, field notes and photos. Observations are emailed to a configurable email address. A survey-based usability study was conducted with 20 participants, all of whom responded that the application was useful and easy to use. The user can download and install this application on any mobile device that runs the Android platform; and the software source is being released as Open Source under a GNU3 license.

Nandeesh Channabasappa Rajashekar

Dichotomous Key (Dkey), Dichotomous key viewer component, Field Data Collection component, Android