Pen Input for ER Design Tools


Asha Rani Hongenalli Chandrappa

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 16:00


HH 301


04:00 PM


Professors Murphy and Wong


Data modeling tools are helpful in analyzing the conceptual and logical requirements in the early stages of the design and implementation of a new stand-alone application or when we are considering integration of information from existing sources to redefine the underlying data representation. This analysis typically begins with refining user requirements and drawing schema diagrams in order to develop a good data representation. The SFSU ER Design Tools Pen Input Tool provides an easy to use interface for both beginners and experienced designers by giving them a pen-and-paper based approach to draw the schema diagram and check it for consistency. This makes it easier to enter the schema as well as to identify mistakes and possible ways to correct them. The aim of this project is to extend and integrate an existing version of the Pen Input Tool into the new WebStart version of the SFSU ER Design Tools. This report explains in detail how the Pen Input Tool is used, how it helps the user, and how schema diagrams entered by the user can be transferred from interface data to application data. The interfaces for adding new components to the new WebStart ER Design Tools are also described in detail. The Pen Input Tool uses jMerlin OCR for recognizing user handwriting and ER schema symbols, and includes a Learning subsystem to improve the performance of recognition over time. The new software is fully functional and is being released under a GPL-3.0 Open source License.

Asha Rani Hongenalli Chandrappa

Pen Input device, Merlin ER, stroke, Design Tool, ER Model, ER Schema, Entity, Relationship, UML, Class Diagrams, Class, Association