Open Reconcile: A Practical Open-Source Ontology-driven Web Application for Term Reconciliation


Rebecca Ann Lawler

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, May 11, 2012 - 16:30


TH 428


04:30 PM


Professors Yang, Yoon, and Kathryn Woods, Genentech


Curators in specialized fields such as biotechnology, often have to either rely on in-house tools or perform tedious tasks manually. To address these issues, we have implemented Open Reconcile, an open-source and general reconciliation tool that ensures the compliance of a dataset to a specific controlled vocabulary. Open Reconcile is compatible with the Google Refine Reconciliation API. Google Refine is a powerful tool for data analysis and integration. Open Reconcile is highly customizable and supports data from different database applications. It adopts multiple strategies to find the optimal match to reconcile input terms with those in a controlled vocabulary. It also allows users to configure a synonym table to facilitate auto-corrections that can only be performed with the support of domain expertise.

Rebecca Ann Lawler

controlled vocabulary, enterprise ontology, data reconciliation, data cleaning, web services