gSlideMobile - A Mobile Web Application for the Viewing and Annotation of Scanned Histological Slides


Gavin Dodd

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, May 25, 2012 - 14:30


HH 301


02:30 PM


Professors Ilmi Yoon and Dragutin Petkovic with Genentech's Kathryn Woods


The utilization of whole slide imaging (WSI) of histological slides in surgical and clinical pathology is becoming an important tool in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Slide scanners can rapidly capture high magnification and resolution digital images of multiple histological slides at once. Analysis of these images has traditionally been performed on workstations and desktops due to the high resolution and large file size of the scanned images. Advances in wireless networking, increases in the screen resolution and processing power of smartphones and tablets, and the use of tiled mapping servers, have now enabled remote viewing of slides on mobile devices (MD). This paper examines the implementation of a mobile application for whole slide viewing and annotation. Implementing software on MD has many challenges due to different operating systems and programming languages of native applications, and also the differing hardware capabilities of mobile devices. One solution is to utilize HTML5/CSS3 mobile javascript frameworks (MJSF), thereby using the mobile web browser as a common OS to allow a write once, run anywhere solution to overcome these challenges.

Gavin Dodd

Whole Slide Imaging, WSI, Pathology, Clinical Analysis, Slide Annotation, Remote Diagnosis, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Web Application, HTML5/CSS3, Mobile Javascript Framework.