The AIRR system; A Drupal based repository for academic program review


Kasra Varzaghani

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 14:30


TH 331


02:30 PM


Professors William Hsu and Dragutin Petkovic


Every university engages in academic program review to evaluate the quality and currency of their programs. Each department going through review needs to prepare a self-study that evaluates its programs. It is important that all users in a department have access to the most recent version of the self-study and the supporting data. We built the Academic Institutional Research Repository (AIRR) system, which is a web-based repository, based on the Drupal Content Management System. The requirements of the AIRR system include online registration, access to repository according to credentials, storing and editing files and full administrative functions via a web browser. We conducted user testing, collected feedback and changed the user interface accordingly.We verified that AIRR users are able to access the repository, store, share or edit files, collaborate and access the data sets needed with minimal guidance.

Kasra Varzaghani

Repository, Academic Program Review, Drupal