Cross-compiling Android applications to other platforms with XMLVM


Markus Neubrand

Oral Defence Date: 

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 15:00


TH 434


03:00 PM


Professors Arno Puder and Barry Levine


Since the hype created by the release of Apple's iPhone, several different mobile OS have emerged and play an increasingly important role. While the functionality offered by these platforms tends to be similar, their respective development models differ greatly. These differences range from different programming languages to different APIs exposing the platform features. As a result porting existing applications to another platform requires significant manual effort. To address this issue a wide variety of tools and frameworks for cross-platform development have been created. One of these solutions, XMLVM, is a cross-compiler toolchain which allows Android applications to be cross-compiled to iOS. This project adds the ability to cross-compile Android applications to Windows Phone 7 to XMLVM. Furthermore, the XMLVM toolchain is refactored to make it easier to add new target platforms in the future and minimize the API which needs to be implemented in order to support them. The results of these efforts are demonstrated by successfully cross-compiling Xokoban, an Android puzzle game, to iOS as well as Windows Phone 7.

Markus Neubrand

Android, Windows Phone 7, iOS, XMLVM, Cross-compilation