Botany Dichotomous Key Conversion System


Prajakta Rane

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, December 7, 2012 - 14:10


TH 434


2:10 PM


Professors Marguerite Murphy and Dragutin Petkovic


The SFSU Dichotomous Key applications allow botanists and botany enthusiasts to identify species and collect field data using mobile devices and email these field data to a server. This report presents the design, implementation and evaluation of a supporting web application, the Botany Dichotomous Key Conversion System. This web application allows users to upload a text (.TXT) file containing a dichotomous key organized in the standard format (1-1', 2-2' hierarchical format). Users can then upload other information related to the dichotomous key, which includes basic naming information, organism characteristics and glossary term definitions. The applications also allows the user to upload images for organisms and decision nodes in the dichotomous key. The application generates an output.ZIP file containing an XML file for the dichotomous key information, all of the uploaded images and the uploaded text file. This .ZIP file is used to initialize and configure the Android and iPhone Field Identification and Data collection applications. A survey based usability study was conducted with Computer Science students to evaluate Botany Dichotomous Key Conversion System. The results of this study indicates that the application was easy to use (minor improvements based on survey results are incorporated into the final implementation). The application is fully functional and is being distributed as Open Source Software.

Prajakta Rane

Dichotomous Key, Dichotomous Key Conversion, XML (Extensible Markup Language), XML Dichotomous Key