Development of Benchmaker Java (BMJ)


Pankaj Thakaji Gadge

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, December 17, 2012 - 14:00


TH 434


2:00 PM


Professors Jozo Dujmovic and William Hsu


This project presents the development of BenchMaker Java (BMJ), a tool for generating Java benchmark programs. BMJ is a new development in a series of BenchMaker program generators. The automatically generated Java benchmark programs are used to evaluate the overall performance of a given computer in the area of processor-bound Java workloads. BMJ is a stand-alone program which lets users to measure the performance of processor by running a realistic compound workload. The Java benchmark system essentially consists of three components i.e. Kernel Library, Calibrator and Program Generator. The Kernel Library is a library of kernels which act as components of workload for the measurement. Each kernel is a self-contained program that performs some characteristics, frequently encountered processing. The Calibrator is a program which serves a purpose of adjusting kernels so that they will run for desired amount of time. The Program Generator acts as an engine which generates benchmark programs by combining a number of kernels. The generated program is based on user defined inputs, adjustable parameters, and kernel generation methods. BMJ is suitable for end users, because it comes as a tool and as a service for performance evaluation of variety of computers.

Pankaj Thakaji Gadge

Benchmaker Java, benchmarking, kernel library, program generator, kernel calibration, automatic generation of benchmarks, computer performance evaluation