Android SNFCHerps Application with Bulk Observation Data Uploads


Divya Muthyala

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, April 26, 2013 - 16:30


TH 434


4:30 PM


Professors Marguerite Murphy and James Wong


SNFCHerps is an observer application developed for use on Android devices. The main target audience of this application is researchers/biologists at the SFSU Sierra Nevada Field Campus (SNFC). Using traditional pen and paper techniques, researchers record observations in the field. This requires a camera for taking pictures, a GPS device to track coordinates and a manual data entry procedure to process, archive and share the data by computer. This overall process is tedious, error prone and inefficient. The SNFCHerps App provides a new way to use a mobile device to observe a particular organism, record its scientific name, GPS coordinates, take a picture, save all the information collected to the handheld device and make a bulk upload of all the field data observations through email. This report describes the implementation of the Species Tab and Bulk upload features of the SNFCHerps application. The application interface is designed to be user friendly; every component on the screen was clearly labeled and designed to be self-explanatory. A usability study was conducted to test different functionalities of this application; there were 23 survey participants and most of their responses indicate that SNFCHerps was both useful and easy to use. This application can be downloaded and installed on any device running Android 2.2 or later; the software source is being released as Open Source under a GNU version 3 Open Source license.

Divya Muthyala

Herps, Field Data Observations, Bulk upload