Genentech Genotype and Phenotype (gGAP)Registry Search Tool


Sahar Aghajani

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 15:30


TH 434


3:30 PM


Professors Ilmi Yoon and Dragutin Petkovic


Genentech Genotype and Phenotype (gGAP) Registry Search Tool is a web application that enables the scientists at Genentech to find individuals with specific genetic variations to conduct further studies on their blood cells or DNA samples. Scientists at Genentech can utilize gGAP Registry Search Tool to scan the available genotype data, obtained through Genentech.s GAP Donation Program, and find the individual with specific variations. After selecting the patients, they can submit a request for the patients. samples, either DNA or blood, through gGAP Search Tool, which should be approved by gGAP.s administrator. If approved, the scientists can pick up the samples and perform their studies. These studies are significant in studying human health since genetic variations are one of the most important factors in determining human response to complex diseases, environmental factors, drugs and other therapies. This project report describes the functionalities of gGAP Registry Search Tool, illustrates its user interface and explains its design and implementation using Google Web Toolkit (GWT). In addition, it discusses the application's client-server communications and database operations.

Sahar Aghajani

SNP, Genotype Data, Search, Request, GWT, Client-code, Server-side Services, Database Operations