Foodie Tracker: Android Application and Web Application to Track Nutrition Intake


Bhavna Syal

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 18:00


TH 434


6:00 PM


CS Professors James Wong and Dragutin Petkovic


Whether people are trying to lose weight or are looking forward to maintain a healthy level of fitness, they need to keep track of food items they consume on daily basis. With the advent of technology, it becomes easy for the user to have this kind of application on their mobile devices as well as have access from the desktop or laptops. With this intent, we have developed this android and web application. The android application allows the users to scan and search the barcode of the food item, and the web application allows searching the barcode of the food item. After scanning or searching the barcode, nutrition details of each food item are listed. Both these applications allow users to create a personal account, update profile, and keep track of food items consumed over a specific date range. The application allows the user to record consumption for food item by adding details such as consumption time, current date, and number of servings. Both the applications also allow users to add a food item if the food does not have a barcode. In addition to all these features, user can also have access to the database of already scanned or searched food items and can change the calorie limit which is by default set to certain calories per day.

Bhavna Syal

Scan/Search bar code, Record Consumption, History, Web & Android Application, MySQL, RESTful Web Service API