WiFi HotSpot for Observation Server Version 1


Animish Valunjkar

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, November 22, 2013 - 14:10


TH 434


2:10 PM


Professors Marguerite Murphy and James Wong


The SFSU Observer Project Version 1 software allows scientists and other amateur researchers to collect field observations using mobile devices and email these observations to a central server. In the field, where there may not be a network connection available, direct transfer of data from the mobile device to the central server must wait until connectivity is available. As the storage capacity of mobile devices is relatively small, only a limited amount of data can be stored on them at any point in time. The goal of this project is to install and configure a virtual machine to host the Observation App Server for field use via a Wi-Fi hot-spot connection. Whenever a user wishes to upload observation data to the field, he/she can just start the virtual machine on a laptop and upload the observation data to the field server. Subsequently, observation data on the field server can be uploaded to the central server for public access. All of the server sofware is fully functional on the virtual machine. However for demonstration purposes email access over the WiFi hot-spot connection has not yet been configured because this would require rewriting gmail.com specific parts of the existing server code. The virtual machine is available for free to users and is built using open source software components.

Animish Valunjkar

Wi-Fi, Virtual Machine, Field observation Data, Gentoo X_86, Server