Reconfigurable Android Observer App


Hamid Salehpour

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 11:00


TH 434


Profs. Dragutin Petkovic and James Wong


The Reconfigurable Android Observer App (RAOA) developed in this project is a field data collecting application allowing biologists and people involved in citizen science an easy way to collect data about organisms or virtually anything in the field using mobile Android platform. The people collecting the data in the field usually have problems with carrying heavy reference books, typographical errors, lack of access to the internet, and so on. RAOA not only solves all of these problems but due to its reconfigurable nature it enables the user to load the app with reference data for virtually any filed data collection project. All of the configurations about app such as offline data contents, attributes that can be sorted or filtered with; fields of required data, email address of server, and other functionality can be specified in a setup for each observation project. Since user may not have internet connection in the field, the app has offline mode where data can be uploaded when the networking service is available. The app also provides the user with functionalities such as browsing, sorting, filtering, dichotomous key, glossary, automatic data entry, and more in a user-friendly graphical interface.

Hamid Salehpour

Android, Observer, Reconfigurable, Dichotomous Key, Field Data Collection