Administrative User Interface for a Field Observation Server Web Application


Terry Chun Wong

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 15:00


TH 434


Profs.Dragutin Petkovic, and Hui Yang


San Francisco State University collaborative group of graduate students and faculty have developed a series of tools to support Citizen Science utilizing mobile technologies. An Observer App is a software product for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that enables identifying, observing, and sharing field observations of a citizen science project. The Observer App transfers observation data to an observation server for storage of the data. A Field Observation Server is an email-based server that receives observations from the Observer App and stores them in an onboard database. There is a strong need to improve the ability of non-technical users to access functionalities of the Field Observation Server. As a solution to this problem, the author has designed, developed and evaluated an Administrative User Interface for a Field Observation Server Web Application for curating scientific data submitted by the third-party mobile Observer App. Django web framework was used for the development. The web application does not require an Internet connection because it.s on local host in a VirtualBox guest machine. With a valid Internet connection, an end-user can upload a selected subset of observation data to a RESTful, external archive server for preservations. This author applied modern software engineering methods like iterative design, User Center Design, and software quality assurance test and software usability test to ensure the product.s consummate reliability, functionality, and usability.

Terry Chun Wong

Citizen Science, administrative application, moible