MyReceipt: Receipt Manager to Manage Receipts Android and Web Application


Mehnaz Singh Jaggi

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 15:40


TH 434


Profs. James Wong and Hui Yang


People in today's world are overwhelmed with receipts they get when they go out to shop their favorite items. As a result, they often forget to save the receipts, which are needed in case they need to return the item. With the advent of technology, it becomes easy for a user to have a kind of application that would digitally store the receipts. Moreover, user can have access to such an application on the mobile device as well as access from desktop or laptops through the Internet. With this intent, we developed this project both as an android application and web application. The main focus of this application is to manage receipts. Users can also extend this application to store passwords for their commonly used email accounts. Users can also use the application to run analytics on the receipts stored so that they can have an insight to how much they have spent on a particular receipt category. Both these applications allows users to create a personal account, update profile, keep track of receipts and also run analysis on the stored items.

Mehnaz Singh Jaggi

Android, PHP, JQuery, JSON