Social Media Review Harvester - Data Aggregation and Visualization


Bhavana Senapathi

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, March 9, 2015 - 12:30


SCI 241


Associate Prof. Hui Yang and Prof. Dragutin Petkovic


We designed and implemented the Data Aggregation and Visualization web application, a part of the larger Social-Media Review Harvester project, as a tool useful for assessing such feedback.Using this application, users can get a unified and centralized view of reviews instead of onerously searching across several different social-media web sites. It displays user reviews onbusiness entities that are collated by a Data Collection system from various social-media sites such as Twitter, Yelp and Google Places. Based on selection criteria, users can view comments and interact with graphical presentation of key statistics and trends for a business as reported from a specific website over yearly, monthly and daily time windows. The application can beinstalled in both on-premise and cloud environments. We conducted focus group studies to gather requirements, then designed and implemented the web application. We performed functional andusability evaluation with help from participants who at the end of the evaluation deemed this application as a simple, user friendly, ime saving, flexible, and fast tool for social-mediaaudience. In conjunction with the Data Collection and Management System developed by Mayyin C. O’Neill from SFSU, Harvester forms a comprehensive open source solution for social-media usersto collect, integrate and visualize feedback of entities.

Bhavana Senapathi

Data Aggregation and Visualization, Harvester, Criteria, Trend graphs, Review metrics