Mutual Match Dating Website A PHP/MySQL Implementation


Mu Ye Gao

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, April 3, 2015 - 14:00


TH 434


Profs. James Wong & William Hsu


Nowadays, the dating website industry is booming because online dating services provide the fastest and the most economical way to find two people who are both interested in dating. However, the experience of finding a date partner can also be frustrating because the existed dating websites fail to provide accurate date matching, which is important to users looking to save effort and time. After investigating on the most popular dating websites, we found the accuracy of date matching offered by those websites can be improved by the mutual match method. By using this method, our website can provide the user access to the right person directly instead of letting user select the right person from thousands of matches. Hence, we implemented the dating website Match Maker, a platform for finding dating partners based on mutually satisfied requirements. In other words, the date matching functionality is built on the satisfactions of both sides: the user and the matching result. Compared to existed website, our method provides the user fewer matching results, but each result is more qualified according to user-set requirements. Also, Match Maker provides more choices on matching methods: all important fields satisfied or matching by matching score. By setting “important” fields on the requirement form, the user can either match other users only when they satisfy all of the “important” fields or give higher scores on “important” fields and matches other users whose score is higher than the user-assigned threshold.

Mu Ye Gao

Dating website, Mutual match