Tools for Data Gathering, Conversion, and Testing in SETAP Project


Chin-Chia Chou

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, November 16, 2015 - 13:15


TH 434


Profs. Dragutin Petkovic & James Wong and Lecturer Marc Sosinick


The data collection/account creation tool in SFSU SETAP (Software Engineering Assessment and Pre-diction) project is the web-based application we developed to help users to not only collect SETAP data, such as Class Data and Timecard Survey, but also create groups’ and students’ user accounts to be used in Software Engineering class. The Class Data contains student’s information, and the Timecard Survey comprises the number of hours of student spend on class activities. This data is used by Machine Learn-ing system to predict student learning achievement. Although the previous data collection was also being done by computer-based system, that system was rather outdated and caused inefficiency, possible loss of data and was time-consuming and error-prone process especially in transferring the data form spreadsheet to database. The tool we developed enables the users to make the fewer entries and it auto-matically creates groups’ and students’ Ubuntu, database, and SVN repositories accounts for the use in Software Engineering class, and in addition stores all information in SETAP database for future analysis. Our system also has APIs to allow addition of new data to the system. We analyzed, re-designed, and developed the current system using modern Software Engineering practices such as agile methods and User Centered Design with detailed use case analysis. We also conducted a usability test to verify its ease of use. This project is designed to be used for Class Data and Timecard Survey data collection for SETAP project. This project is funded by NSF TUES Grant # 1140172

Chin-Chia Chou

Data Collection, Class Data, Timecard Survey SE education, SETAP