Ebluna - Third Party Customer Support Software for Small/Medium Sized eBay Sellers


Nathan Luis

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - 01:50


TH 434


Profs. Ilmi Yoon & Dragutin Petkovic


The eBay platform is a popular online marketplace that allows users from around the world to come to-gether to buy and sell goods. Small and medium sized sellers have a plethora of third party software de-signed to assist them in efficiently listing and selling items. However, there is no software aimed at help-ing users perform tasks that are performed after the time of sale. Often, sellers wish to make more profits by spending time selling more products, however, they cannot do that, because they need to spend time providing customer support after the sale. Without third party alternatives, sellers are required to rely solely on the functionality built into the eBay Portal, which is arguably slow and disorganized. The Ebluna software is designed to fill this void. It is designed to help sellers provide customer support and perform other post sales activities such as reporting, feedback management, and task automation. We designed Ebluna as a third party application that allows users to perform daily tasks in the eBay platform by accessing functionality through webservice APIs. The software was designed to allow sellers to per-form their post sales tasks in as few steps as possible, and to provide valuable insight into their sales da-ta. This added time savings could help free up sellers so that they can spend more time selling new products.

Nathan Luis

Ebluna, Ebay, Customer Service, Post-sales, e-commerce, reporting, automation, UI, Webservices, Java, JavaFX, SQLite