BeamIt: Android App to Share Digital Business Cards


Kumari Sweta

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, December 14, 2015 - 12:00


TH 434


Profs. James Wong, Dragutin Petkovic


In today's world, we all need to share our business cards with other people, be it social gathering, job fairs, or business meetings. At work, networking events, meetings, we'll want to carry business cards. Usually we keep physical business cards to share contact information. But in the age of the smartphone, it's a bit old fashioned. It can also be inconvenient — paper business cards are easily lost, and a hassle to manage. And once you receive a business card, inputting that contact information into your digital address book is a time-consuming chore. Carrying physical business cards everywhere is cumbersome too. In this project, we designed, developed and tested an android application called BeamIt for sharing and managing digital business cards. User can have access to this application on the android mobile devices. In this day and age, where everyone carries around a smartphone and has access to the Internet, it becomes easy for a user to have an application that would digitally store the business cards rather than carrying paper business cards everywhere. The main focus of this application is to share digital business cards. The application allows user to create his own personalized business card, share business cards with other users and have his own list of digital business cards similar to that of contact list on your phone. It allows user to export card details to the phone’s contact list. This android application will also enable users to manage their digital business cards over the cloud. A user shall be able to organize his business cards and have them all in one place.

Kumari Sweta

Android, mobile app, digital business card, card sharing, cloud business card management