Design And Development Of Query Subsystem Of MobilizeDB Software For Stanford University


Rushab Indi

Oral Defence Date: 

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 11:00


TH 434


Prof Dragutin Petkovic & Assist. Prof Anagha Kulkarni


In this report we present the design, development and testing of user interface and query subsystem for Stanford University MobilizeDB system. MobilizeDB is intended to be a centerpiece of data sharing system for Stanford Mobilize Center, which aims to revolutionize mobility research through innovation in data sciences through sharing resources between its collaborators among biomedical and data science communities. This work is done as joint Stanford-SFSU project and describes MobilizeDB subsystem we developed as a member of SFSU team. Our work in this report focuses on user interface and query subsystems of MobilizeDB, which also has data Import and backend subsystems developed by other team members. Our goal was to design and develop: (a) an interactive user interface to import research data and tools into the system, and (b) an interactive method to query through the uploaded data and fetch the filtered results or datasets. Challenges we faced were to provide easy to use query subsystem which can automatically adapt to broad variety of ways the data is organized, stored and indexed and to provide flexible and auditable data downloads. Our work involved application of modern SW Engineer-ing methods like User Centered Design and Agile/SCRUM, and close cooperation with SFSU and Stan-ford Mobilize teams and its users. We used modern Open Source technologies like jQueryBuilder and integrated them into MobilizeDB. The complete MobilizeDB system, which includes work reported here, is in the process of deployment at Stanford for further evaluation by Mobilize Center users. The work has been supported by NIH and SFSU Center for Computing for Life Sciences.

Rushab Indi

Web application, data dissemination, data query, user interfaces, Mobilize Center at Stanford