A Gaia-based Privacy Monitor App for Firefox OS


Harsha Cheruku

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, August 12, 2016 - 17:00


TH 434


Assoc. Prof. Arno Puder & Assist. Prof. Hao Yue


Mobile applications (apps) provide different ways to access important information on smartphones, and well-known mobile platforms provide useful ways for the users to interact with these apps. However, these apps also gain access and collect private data including user’s pictures, contacts, locations etc. Though these mobile apps provide information about access to different mobile services, it is not an ef-fective method for informing the user. Additionally, there are many apps that try and access information more frequently than needed (e.g., geolocation), or access data they do not need at all (e.g., IMEI). Re-search on Android apps shows that there are only few apps that are effective in informing users about what type of user information is accessed by them. The main objective of this project is to enhance Mozilla’s smartphone operating system, called Firefox OS, by implementing a new app to log whenever other apps make use of privacy sensitive API. Our Pri-vacy Monitor app enables the users to monitor the behavior of all their installed apps and recognize pos-sible privacy breaches. Privacy Monitor app provides a user-centric approach by giving complete control over the installed apps to the users. This way the users can define different access limits to a specific mobile service and monitor the app-to-service access requests.

Harsha Cheruku

Security, Mobile Security, Privacy, Firefox OS, Gaia, Privacy Monitor