Porting TOS to Raspberry Pi


Yeqing Yan

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 14:00


TH 434


Profs. Arno Puder & Bill Hsu


As mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets became widespread in the late 2000s, a greater number of platforms began using the ARM architecture. However, most universities continued to base their operating system courses on the x86 architecture. Therefore, we found it necessary to introduce an instructional operating system design based on the ARM platform. The Train Operating System (TOS) is an educational operating system used for the Advanced Operating Systems class at the San Francisco State University. The purpose of this project is to port TOS from an x86-based IBM PC platform to the ARM-based Raspberry Pi platform by adapting hardware-dependent features such as interrupts and I/O. The resulting version of TOS runs on a Raspberry Pi 1 and a patched QEMU irtualizer is provided as an emulator for development and debugging purposes.

Yeqing Yan

Operating system, ARM, Raspberry Pi