SuperCaly: Implementation of Chat, Email, Offline Synchronization & Friends Matching Modules


Haichuan Duan

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 14:30


TH 434


Professors Ilmi Yoon & Arno Puder


Calendar is one of the most widely used and essential personal tools on smart phones. SuperCaly (superior calendar) is a novel smartphone app that organizes the user’s life around the calendar. SuperCaly extends calendar by integrating location tracking, group messaging, media organization, and search functions into one cohesive app. Popular calendar apps, such a Google Calendar and iOS Calendar, allow users to create events and invite participants. However, they lack an in-app chatting platform that allows users to interact with event participants conveniently. SuperCaly aims to bridge this gap to create a more streamlined event creation and communication experience. SuperCaly enables messaging not only among registered app users but also to and from outside contacts through email. SuperCaly also allows offline event creation and messaging to provide a smooth user experience. SuperCaly has friends matching function that will find registered app users from the phone’s contact list. Furthermore, SuperCaly offers dynamic location tag creation, automatically creating additional events in the calendar based on the user's location changes. Location history is then easily accessible by users, making it easier for them to recall easily forgettable details. SuperCaly also provides intelligent media organization, allowing the user to see which photos and videos were taken during a certain event. Integrated data also has the potential to reveal the user's previously hidden life patterns, which they can use to learn about their habits and increase efficiency in their daily activities.

Haichuan Duan

Android, mobile, calendar, FCM, location service, RESFful, PostgreSQL