EPUB-Reader Android App


Mahesh Singh Sawant

Oral Defence Date: 

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 14:00


TH 434


Prof. Ilmi Yoon & Assist. Prof. Hao Yue


EPUB-Reader is an Android app that enables users to read e-books available in ePub format on their devices. The app aims to enhance the user's reading and learning experience by tracking user activities and providing innovative, user-oriented features. Built using Apache Cordova, a hybrid mobile development framework, the app utilizes the versatility of ePub format to provide readers with the ability to bookmark pages, annotate text and perform word lookups with pictorial representations. The app uses innovative technologies like text-to-speech, to read the book content out loud to the user as well as voice command recognition which allows users to traverse through the book using voice commands. The app also aims to learn from the user's reading activities such as time spent per page, book content read, and frequency of words searched. This data could lead to unprecedented benefits especially in the education sector where teachers or reviewers can use the information to determine factors like the reading capacity of the users, user preferences and difficulty of books.

Mahesh Singh Sawant

ePub, E-Book, Reader, Cordova, Text-To-Speech ,Voice Command, Track User Activity