Learning Path Application A JavaScript and Node.js Stack Based Implementation


Hui Zhao

Oral Defence Date: 

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 15:00


TH 434


Prof. James Wong & Assist. Prof. Hao Yue


During my previous tutoring work, I found a demand from the students, which is a learning assistance software to aid students’ study activities. This motivated me to dedicate to the Learning Path project as my cumulative experience project. Learning Path project development is performed with JavaScript technical stack such as Node.js, React and Redux. The production of this project includes a back-end RESTful service and a front-end single page application. Both together become a study assistance tool for student. It provides to-do tasks tracking board, real time messaging system, and a study group management system. Students can create and track to-do tasks by categories “to-do”, “in progress” and “done”, they can also add sub-tasks to each to-do task. Real time messaging helps students communicate with each other quickly. Study group management helps student to look for, or create study groups which can help them in their classes. Students can also schedule group events. All these features come along with silky user interface and rich user interaction on UI.

Hui Zhao

Learning Path, Study Assistance Tool, RESTful, React, Single Page Application