EasyPool: Android application for Carpooling


Monal Patil

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, December 4, 2017 - 10:00


TH 434


Prof. James Wong and Asst. Prof. Hao Yue


What are the three biggest problems plaguing our commute today? Traffic is out of control, pollution is getting worse, and due to longer commute hours, our work-life balance is suffering. So how can we well-meaning folk help ease the traffic, reduce our carbon footprint and cut our driving time - all at the same time? Easy. By opening our cars for others. The benefits of carpooling are many-fold. In the world where technology is creating more wicked problems than it solves, a carpooling solution helps mitigate the damage. We present EasyPool, an Android based carpool application which will help daily commuters travel together. EasyPool is a flexible, safe and easy way to share your commute with people in the same area traveling to destinations close to each other. Posting and finding your carpool rides is just a click away. EasyPool is flexible as it allows you to choose your own ride partner by providing you an option to accept or reject the ride applications if they are not suitable for you. It incorporates your constructive feedback and does not match with the people who you don’t like! We have developed this application using an Android Studio IDE for the Android version 7.0.01. We have used web services in PHP using Code Igniter, Retrofit API, and design Libraries from – Design Support for Android and Appcompat-V7. The application ‘EASYPOOL’ is compatible with the phones having a minimum Android version of 4.1 Jellybean to the maximum 7.1 Nougat versions.

Monal Patil

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