CE 18.13


ARtPM: Article Retrieval for Precision Medicine


Lowell Milliken

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 15:00


TH 434


Asst Prof Kulkarni and Prof. Ilmi Yoon


Precision medicine is an emerging patient care model that customizes treatment based on the specifics of their condition and background at a level that would have been unreasonable in earlier times. The genetic information about a patient's disease, such as the gene and mutation that may be contributing to the illness, can be used to create treatment plans targeting the genes. The difficulty is that, as a consequence of the ongoing expansion of medical knowledge, there are more published works fitting a general profile of a patient's condition than can readily be searched for those fitting the specific patient. The information retrieval task is to find these specific articles given disease, genetic and demographic information about a patient. We have designed and developed, Article Retrieval for Precision Medicine (ARtPM), an end-to-end article retrieval system that uses multi-staged approach to identify relevant articles for the given particular medical case. Thorough empirical evaluation shows that ARtPM performs significantly better than multiple baselines, including PubMed search.


precision medicine, information retrieval, learning to rank


Lowell Milliken