YouDescribe Android app – An Accessibility tool for adding Audiodescription to Online videos


Cheng Li

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, December 17, 2018 (All day)


TH 935


Profs. Ilmi Yoon and Hao Yue


The purpose of this project is to build an Android application for “YouDescribe”. “YouDescribe”is a project founded by Smith-Kettlewell Video Description Research and Development Center (VDRDC) with an objective to enable and encourage sighted volunteers to describe online videos for the benefit of the blind and visually impaired. Their platform was designed to have a backend server and three frontend clients (web, ios and android) to facilitate this. Due to the increasing availability of online content through smartphones and the convenience it offers, there was a strong need to make YouDescribe available on mobile phones as well. Given these needs, the main objective of this project is to develop a native android application for YouDescribe that provides an accessible, mobile application for playing back audio descriptions for online videos (particularly YouTube) and also for contributing audio descriptions to online videos. We believe that the YouDescribe android app will not only enable visually challenged users to enjoy videos on their android devices, but also encourage volunteers to contribute more in making video content accessible to everyone.

Cheng Li

Online Videos, Accessibility tool, Android, Audio Description, YouDescribe