CAWL/DSP CoreAudio Wrapper Library With Real Time DSP Effects


Moses Lee

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 10:00


TH 434


Profs. Bill Hsu and Arno Puder


Developers who are learning audio signal processing face two major hurdles: the tools to set up an audio session on their computers can be very hard to use, and complex signal processing algorithms can be very difficult to implement. We built CoreAudio Wrapper Library (CAWL), a library that is designed for Mac OS that allows users to have a straightforward setup process with their computer’s default audio hardware. The CAWL library allows users to connect any peripheral audio hardware to their computer so that their program can interact with all the available channels. It also includes portable signal processing modules that users can utilize in their software. CAWL initializes the CoreAudio framework for Mac OS and gives developers a single entry point to implement their signal processing algorithms. CAWL and the sound modules are written in C++ using Xcode IDE. Using CAWL and the signal processing modules, we built SoundBoard, an application that simulates an audio effects board. Some of the effects that are featured in this application are: Wah-wah, phaser, overdrive, and reverb. SoundBoard also integrates ToneStack to simulate guitar amplifiers. SoundBoard is an example of how a developer can leverage CAWL.

Moses Lee

Audio, CoreAudio, Signal Processing, Mac OS