An Electronic Portfolio and Assessment Management System


Ngoc Lam-Miller

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 - 10:00


HH 301


10:00 am


Professors Okada, Murphy, Courey (Special Ed. Dept.)


Due to a dramatic shortage of special educators, Mild/Moderate Credential students at San Francisco State University Special Education Department, also known as credential candidates, often double as instructors who teach children with learning disabilities. In helping credential candidates to stay in the field as well as attracting new special educators, our team developed a web-based application as a supporting tool for pre-service credential candidates in special education programs. As part of that application, this thesis presents a design, implementation and evaluation of two components: an electronic portfolio system for candidates to demonstrate their credential work and an assessment management system for faculty and administrators to assess students' learning outcome.

Ngoc Lam-Miller

web application, document format conversion, document storage, electronic portfolio, assessment management system, online teacher competency management