Technical Reports

TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR 20.01 05/20/2020 Ali Alavi, Dragutin Petkovic Improvements of Explainability of Random Forest Algorithms
TR-19.02 09/20/2019 Dragutin Petkovic, Ali Alavi, DanDan Cai, Jizhou Yang, Sabiha Barlaskar RFEX: Simple Random Forest Model and Sample Explainer for non-Machine Learning experts
TR-19.01 06/16/2019 J. Yang, Prof. D. Petkovic Application of Improved Random Forest Explainability (Rfex 2.0) on Data from JCV Institute LaJolla, California
TR-18.01 11/27/2018 Sabiha Barlaskar, Dragutin Petkovic Applying Improved Random Forest Explainability (RFEX 2.0) on synthetic data
TR-16.01 04/01/2016 Arthi Iyer, Dragutin Petkovic Practical Tool to Understand Structure of Machine Learning Training Databases with Missing Data
TR-16.01 04/01/2016 Arthi Iyer, Dragutin Petkovic Practical Tool to Understand Structure of Machine Learning Training Databases with Missing Data
TR-15.01 06/04/2015 Thavy Long, R. Jeffrey Neitz, Rachel Beasley, Brian M. Suzuki, Rahul Singh, Conor R. Caffrey Schistosoma mansoni polo-like kinase 1 (SmPLK1) as a potential drug target
TR-14.01 04/23/2014 Daniel Asarnow, Rahul Singh Determination of Quantal Dose-Response Characteristics in Phenotypic Assays using Supervised Classification
TR-06.20 06/26/2006 Mike Wong, Bibek Bhattarai, Rahul Singh Characterization and Analysis of Usage Patterns in Large Multimedia Websites
TR-06.21 06/26/2006 Bibek Bhattarai, Mike Wong, Rahul Singh Multimodal Usage Visualization for Large Websites
TR-06.19 06/09/2006 Yan Liu, Sorna Vincent, Marguerite C. Murphy Integrating Bioinformatic Data Sources over the SFSU ER Design Tools XML Databus
TR-06.18 05/30/2006 Jaslin Sekhon Linux 2.6 Kernel Tuning and Experimental Verification Using ns2 Simulator
TR-06.17 05/23/2006 Onkar Lalla Linux 2.6 TCP Buffer Tuning
TR-06.16 05/19/2006 Bing Zhong Pocket PC Note Taking Application
TR-06.13 05/19/2006 Sachiko Halper Online Teaching Component Involving a PowerPoint Plug-in and a Server
TR-06.15 05/19/2006 Jun Murakawa Parts, Image, and Sketch Based 3D Modeling Method
TR-06.12 05/18/2006 Varsha Khemani Exception Handling in a Distributed Environment
TR-06.14 05/17/2006 Vien Uy Tran Semantic Mapping of NIH-NCBI Data DTD's
TR-06.10 05/12/2006 David-Guy Brizan Evaluation of Equivalence of French/English Idiomatic Pairs
TR-06.11 05/10/2006 Vikram Bagga Development of a Benchmark Tool for Evaluation and Comparison of Search Engines
TR-06.08 05/04/2006 Jensen Galan Caching TCP Options With Syn_Cookies in the Linux 2.6 Kernel
TR-06.09 05/04/2006 Yan Liu Web Services Joins Using ER Design Tool XML Databus
TR-06.07 04/03/2006 William Hsu Managing gesture and timbre for analysis and instrument control in an interactive environment
TR-06.06 03/13/2006 Yevgenity Luzgin XML Schema and WSDL Best Practices Checker
TR-06.05 02/21/2006 Satish Mahadev Web services Implementation of Microsoft Power Point Application on Pocket PC
TR-06.04 02/13/2006 Kevin Yong Pan Designing Data Acquisition Systems For Field Biologists
TR-06.03 01/27/2006 Berndt Jung, Ilmi Yoon, Hendra Lim, F. A. Ramirez-Weber, Dragutin Petkovic Annotizer: User-friendly WWW Annotation System for Collaboration in Research and Education Environments
TR-06.02 01/17/2006 Dragutin Petkovic, Gary Thompson, R. Todtenhoefer Teaching Practical and Global Software Engineering: Case Study and Recommendations
TR-06.01 01/11/2006 Gaurav Chitnis Performance of the HTTP/1.1 Protocol Over Linux/TCP
TR-05.32 12/27/2005 Azin Moali Focus+Context Sketching on Pocket PC
TR-05.33 12/07/2005 Michael A. Wong A Web-Based Application for Scheduling Parallel Quantum Mechanical Computations for Molecular Modelling
TR-05.31 12/02/2005 Sandeep Pathuri Use of Multimedia in Annotating World Wide Web Content
TR-05.28 09/28/2005 Dina Volodarskaya A Blackboard to Moodle Content Transfer Tool
TR-05.30 09/02/2005 Chien-chih Chen Image Annotation on Hedgehog Gene Pathway Website
TR-05.29 08/30/2005 Heng-Jia Chang Integrating Biologic Data Sources: Providing Data Transfer for Biological Data Transfer Using SOAP
TR-05.27 07/11/2005 Sasha Jaksic Gene Selection for Supervised Learning of Micro Array Profiles
TR-05.25 07/06/2005 Neha Chahal Characterization of Benchmarks on Pentium 4 Net burst Architecture
TR-05.26 07/06/2005 Avinash Chandra Arora A Web Based Testing Application for a Distributed VoIP Soft Switch
TR-05.24 05/20/2005 Kenneth Withee Data Management System for Field Biologists
TR-05.21 05/19/2005 John Roberts Browsing in Large Time-Dependent Datasets
TR-05.17 05/18/2005 Matthias Schwartz A WebDAV-Based File Management Tool Integrating with an Online Course System
TR-05.16 05/18/2005 Jaime G. Ruiz 3D Species Modeling Tools for Ecologists
TR-05.18 05/18/2005 Alan Shimoide Image Analysis to Track the Movement of Spiracles in the Tobacco Hornworm
TR-05.19 05/18/2005 Hikmet Salih Ozkan An Open-Source, Web Based Document Management System
TR-05.20 05/18/2005 Martin Eggenberger Program for Supervised Classification of Haplotypes Using Support Vector Machine Algorithms
TR-05.22 05/18/2005 Chatchawan Chansmorn 3D Modeling Techniques Based on 2D Image Manipulation
TR-05.23 05/18/2005 Gauri Deshmukh Interactive Online Classroom
TR-05.13 05/18/2005 Mahesh Dadaram Patsute A Customizer System for LSP Criteria
TR-05.14 05/18/2005 Hemamalini Sankar An Online System for the Study of Queuing Networks (QNS)
TR-05.15 05/17/2005 Haijie Xiao A Flexible Semantic Service Discovery Framework
TR-05.10 05/06/2005 Chris Lacy XMLVM for C++ with CORBA
TR-05.11 05/06/2005 Siddharth Desai Making X Window Clients Accessible Over the Internet
TR-05.09 05/04/2005 Shi Chen A UML pen input ER tool
TR-05.12 05/04/2005 Devang Kamdar Automating the Integration of NIH-NCBI Genomic Databases into Equivalent ER Schema
TR-05.05 04/28/2005 Sorna Vincent Heterogeneous Data Transfer for Using Web Services
TR-05.06 04/28/2005 Sushma Prasad A Web Service Implementation of the ER Design Tool
TR-05.08 04/28/2005 Parmod Mehta Comparison of different middleware technologies
TR-05.07 04/27/2005 Hajime Nagashima The Edge Disjoint Multiple Paths Problem When Constructed Over Uniformly Directed Mesh
TR-05.04 04/11/2005 Sushma Raghavendra Annotations for Web Content: Hedgehog Web Site
TR-05.03 03/29/2005 Ljubomir Butrovic, Sarah Cohen, Zhihong He, Martin Eggenberger, Diane Nacci, Dragutin Petkovic Supervised Classification of Genetic Sequences for Population Analysis
TR-05.02 03/07/2005 William Hsu Using timbre in a computer-based improvisation system
TR-05.01 02/28/2005 Keith Deming and Edward Lank Mode Selection Techniques for Pen Input Systems
TR-04.40 12/15/2004 Tsu-Yao Jen Using XSLT to Translate NIH XML Data Files into ER Tools XML Data Files
TR-04.39 12/14/2004 Keith Deming Inferring User Intent in Pen Input Systems
TR-04.38 12/13/2004 Peter Warren The Impact of Clan Communication on Particle Swarm Optimization
TR-04.37 11/03/2004 Ying-Ku Su UbiNote: Note Sharing by Study Group in Ubiquitous Classroom
TR-04.36 10/13/2004 Meng-Kang Kao A Tool for Optimizing Computer Configurations
TR-04.35 10/12/2004 Imad Sakr Applying .NET Technologies to IBO Project
TR-04.34 09/24/2004 Mayuresh P. Dalal VTK-Based IBR Component Using Layered Depth Image Approach
TR-04.33 09/08/2004 Jessica Rogers Web Services/CORBA Bridging Project
TR-04.31 08/31/2004 Vijay Mariadassou A Plug-in for Machine-level Profiling of Java Applications
TR-04.32 08/31/2004 Shahid Khatri Creating Context Aware Distributed Applications for a Dynamic Collaborative Environment
TR-04.29 08/12/2004 Jian-Sheng Hsieh The Management System of Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Web Site
TR-04.29 08/12/2004 Yongmei Wang Visualization of Tiger Geographic Information
TR-04.28 07/19/2004 Jia-Jiuan Wu Three Dimensional Schema and Structure Viewing in the ER Design Tools
TR-04.27 06/30/2004 Amit Mittal A Distributed Open Source Backbone for an Event Tracking System
TR-04.25 05/27/2004 Arash Farahmand Windowing Protocol Visualization
TR-04.24 05/26/2004 Hiu Chan Effects of JIT Compilation on Superscalar Performance
TR-04.23 05/19/2004 Duan-Yao Liang UbiTest - Testing Taking Application for the Ubiquitous Teaching
TR-04.17 05/19/2004 Jen Chieh Chang SQL-3 Object-Relational Design in the ER Design Tool
TR-04.18 05/19/2004 Subhasish Chakraborty BioSeqParser: A Standard Parser for Biological Sequence Analysis Tools
TR-04.19 05/19/2004 Amy Ichnowski The Lecturer's Assistant: Information Sharing and Personalization in a Smart Classroom
TR-04.20 05/19/2004 Hsiao-Fei Ker An E-Learning Environment for Data Structure
TR-04.21 05/18/2004 Zhihong He Supervised classification of DNA sequence data from estuarine fish populations
TR-04.26 05/17/2004 Trond Borg Critical analysis of Web Services
TR-04.22 05/17/2004 Kenichi Takagi Transparently Porting Swing Applications to Web Applications
TR-04.13 05/13/2004 Vibha Virmani A Web Services Implementation of Continuous Relational Queries on Real-time Monitoring Data
TR-04.16 05/07/2004 Simerjit Singh XML Data and Relational Database Systems
TR-04.14 05/06/2004 Ting Yi Ke Supporting Integrity in the CSc 675 ER Design Tool
TR-04.15 05/06/2004 You Weng Chen Fully Supporting Spreadsheet Views for Biologic Data in the ER Design Tools
TR-04.08 05/05/2004 Hsu-Wei Cheng A Java Tool to Map EER Schema into ODMG Objects with Inheritance
TR-04.11 05/05/2004 Saipetch Kongkatong An Experimental Verification of TCP Variant Performance
TR-04.12 05/05/2004 Ming-Yen Wu Supporting UML in The ER Design Tool
TR-04.10 04/30/2004 Stelios Christofides Evaluation and Performance Comparison of the Java (J2SE) and C#.NET Environments for Client/Desktop Applications
TR-04.09 04/29/2004 Tharatorn Bidaya Tuning and Performance of Linux Based TCP Splicing
TR-04.07 04/23/2004 Sweatha Kasiviswanathan Automating the Process of Generating Managed C++ Wrappers for AutoCAD Public APIs
TR-04.06 04/19/2004 Wen Yuan Fang Analysis of Reliability of LSP Models
TR-04.05 04/16/2004 Sakir Murat Cengiz A Comparison of Object Oriented and Procedural Workloads
TR-04.03 04/14/2004 Yi Li Recognizing Structure in Generic Digital Ink Sketches
TR-04.04 03/30/2004 Zoran Avramov LAN Performance Analysis Using DCSP Benchmarks
TR-04.01 01/06/2004 Edward Lank and Son Phan Fish-i-Pad: Focus+Context Sketching on a PDA
TR-04.02 01/06/2004 Edward Lank, Amy Ichnowski, Shahid Khatri Dynamic Participation in Interactive Environments
TR-03.27 12/17/2003 Padmanaban Venkatesan Performance Measurements of SQL Query Application Using CORBA, HTTP, and JAVA
TR-03.29 12/15/2003 Son H. Phan Focus + Context Sketching on a PDA
TR-03.24 12/10/2003 Ling-Chen Hung Parallel Port control Implementation for Linux Environment
TR-03.28 12/10/2003 Li-Jung Huang Graphic Queries for ER Schemas
TR-03.25 12/09/2003 Weilin Fu A Pen Input ER Tool
TR-03.20 12/03/2003 Marvin Sanchez-Li Extensions to IBO project: Client Preferences and Prime/Sub-prime Contractors Matching
TR-03.21 12/03/2003 Weili Liu An E-learning System for Studying the Quality of Randomness
TR-03.23 12/03/2003 Abdelilah Essiari Anchor A Secure Mobile Agent Platform
TR-03.22 11/26/2003 John N. Petterson, MS; Marguerite C. Murphy, PhD Effective Visualization of Database Storage Structure Algorithms
TR-03.19 11/01/2003 E. Lank, D. Petkovic, F. A. Ramirez-Weber, J. Hafernik, J. Hsieh, J. Maag, S. Pathuri, C. Pekiner, S. Raghavendra BioMedia: Multimedia Information Systems for Biology Research, Education and Collaboration
TR-03.18 10/31/2003 Linsong Li An Automatic Grading System For Computer Programming Classes
TR-03.17 10/29/2003 ZhenJian Lu RMI-Based and JavaMail-Based Implementation of Parallel Query Execution
TR-03.16 09/10/2003 Fan Fu Distributed Control Of Microsoft Office Applications In JINI Environment
TR-03.15 07/28/2003 Lananh Dang Data Transfer between XML-Based Data and Other Databases Using XSLT
TR-03.14 05/22/2003 Ming Zhang DBMap: a Treemap-Based Database Exploration and Visualization Framework for Neurological Data Warehouse
TR-03.11 05/21/2003 Eli Levine Webs on the Web: Storage and Visualization of Ecological Networks using FoodWebML
TR-03.12 05/15/2003 Chao Y. Liang ER Tools Extension: Data Transfer Between XML and ODMG Database
TR-03.13 05/14/2003 Hai-Jung Chen Interactive Virtual Tour in the World Wide Web Using Image-Based Rendering
TR-03.06 05/12/2003 Xu Huang IBO Extension Using XPATH/XQUERY
TR-03.09 05/09/2003 Pinghua Xiong VTP Performance Evaluation and Enhancement
TR-03.05 05/08/2003 Wei Le Design Implementation and Illustration of a Linux Device Driver
TR-03.10 05/08/2003 Adi Widhanto Data Transfer For Entity Relationship Design Tool Using Soap Framework
TR-03.04 05/07/2003 Haiyan Luo A Formal Methodology on Computer System Functional Testing Process
TR-03.08 05/07/2003 Quang X. Dinh Group Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Engine For Inter-Group Communication
TR-03.03 05/02/2003 Chao-Hsueh Cheng A Java Program to Transfer Data Between Spreadsheet and XML
TR-03.07 04/23/2003 Shou-Hao Kuo Data Translation Between XML Format and Relational Format
TR-03.02 04/18/2003 Cheng-Da Liu Representing ER schemas in 3D mode for the ER design tool
TR-03.01 04/09/2003 Chin-Huey Chang ER Schema-XML DTD translation
TR-02.26 12/18/2002 Keyur Ajmera Performance of a Java HTTP Server on Three Linux Platforms
TR-02.25 12/12/2002 Gordon Mendonsa An Extended Search Engine for the CBC Bid Download System
TR-02.22 12/11/2002 Mangesh Laad A Workflow System for Tracking Online Bids for the San Francisco Housing Authority
TR-02.23 12/11/2002 Ye Tang Workflow System for Eligibility Analysis: Case Record Subsystem
TR-02.24 12/11/2002 Aalap Parikh Interoperability and Maturity Assessment of XML Web Services Platforms
TR-02.21 12/10/2002 Praveenkumar Shetty A Java tool to Map ER Schemas with Subclasses and Categories into Relational Model
TR-02.20 12/05/2002 Suneetha Velicheti Implementation and Analysis of Proxy Cache Replacement Algorithms
TR-02.19 12/04/2002 Xiaolin Qian Linux Based Embedded Data Storage System Evaluations
TR-02.18 11/27/2002 Siyuan Lu JDBC Backend to the ER Design Tool
TR-02.17 11/13/2002 Kai-Li Lin Experimental Data Management
TR-02.14 11/06/2002 Anna Sklovsky Job Submission and Scheduling Module
TR-02.16 10/30/2002 Svetlana Van Tassel Performance Measurement of IPC techniques in UNIX systems
TR-02.15 10/23/2002 Zhaodong Wang Workflow System for Eligibility Analysis: Workflow Design System
TR-02.13 10/16/2002 Roy Mash Experiments with Sliding Block Puzzles
TR-02.12 07/01/2002 Edward Lank, Richard Augustine, Shi Chen, Heather Kane, Sandy Ngo and Joy Tutt Controlling Your Environment Through Sketching
TR-02.10 05/21/2002 Sakina Arsiwala Workflow Design Subsystem for a Workflow Management Tool for Bid Procurement at the San Francisco Housing Authority
TR-02.11 05/21/2002 Youngsang Jin Workflow System for Eligibility Analysis: Exception Subsystem
TR-02.05 05/15/2002 Joseph Weiss Session management, module interaction, and data management for Web-based Course Portal System
TR-02.08 05/14/2002 Metin Kadaster A Java-Based System Evaluation Tool
TR-02.06 05/09/2002 Egil Rian Communication, user interaction and data storage in a Web-based Course Portal System
TR-02.09 05/01/2002 Abdullah Yahya A Java Tool to Map ER Schemas with constraints into ODMG objects
TR-02.04 04/30/2002 Tom Hsu Virtual Tour Project
TR-02.07 04/30/2002 Qun Zhang MPEG Video Bandwidth Characteristics
TR-02.03 04/24/2002 Min Zhai Static In-memory Cache
TR-02.02 04/19/2002 John Petterson Access method Visualization
TR-02.01 04/10/2002 Ben Chan A study of MPLS Label Switched Router
TR-01.16 11/14/2001 Ana Dotcheva Workflow System For Eligibility Analysis: Organization Model
TR-01.15 11/05/2001 Anjana Sudhakar Performance Enhancements to Java HTTP Server
TR-01.14 09/14/2001 Gerald S. Eisman, Barry Levine, Marguerite Murphy & Rich McCline Discipline-Based Service-learning in Computer Science - the Urban Technology Project
TR-01.13 07/14/2001 Jennifer Wong & Marguerite Murphy Lightweight Reliable Internet Transactions
TR-01.12 05/15/2001 Chih Cheng Chen Cultural-Data Extractor On Various Platforms For the Internationalization Development Toolkit
TR-01.11 05/15/2001 Hue-Man Tang Static and Dynamic Characterization of C Programs
TR-01.09 05/11/2001 Walter Mathews Performance Measurement and Analysis of a Windows NT Local Area Network
TR-01.10 05/10/2001 Carl Herder Bytecode Characterization of Java Workloads
TR-01.07 05/09/2001 Jim Hale VoiceView: Voice analysis software with visual display to help singing Students develop consistent tone quality
TR-01.08 05/09/2001 Mason Holding JAMM: A Multi-agent System for Monitoring and Management of Distributed Applications
TR-01.05 05/03/2001 Jun Li GEMS: The Generic Event Management System A Java Based Implementation for the CBC Network
TR-01.06 05/02/2001 Mark Gordon Audio Recording Evnironment
TR-01.04 03/22/2001 Jozo J. Dujmovic and Carl Herder White-Box characterization of Java workloads
TR-01.03 03/21/2001 Carl Allen Lionberger A Generalized Interface to Real-Time Environments Based on the BaBar Component Proxy
TR-01.01 01/25/2001 Jin Ye He Using Araneus Wrapper Technology to Implement the CBC Bid Download Project
TR-01.02 01/25/2001 Zhiping Liu XQL Matching in the CBC Bid Download System
TR-00.20 12/09/2000 Tzu-Yen Yeh Design and Implementation of CBC Search Engine Using Wrapper Technology
TR-00.17 12/08/2000 Fuhua Liao Cyber Business Center Bid Download System - "BASIC" Marching Strategy
TR-00.18 12/08/2000 Yue Gou XML-QL Query Interpreter for the CBC Bid Download System
TR-00.19 12/08/2000 Joseph Navidi CBC Bid Download Project: BASIC Implementation Using Relational
TR-00.16 12/07/2000 Kalpana Doddamreddy A Java tool to map ER schema with constraints into relation schema
TR-00.15 12/07/2000 Jennifer Wong Reliable Internet Transactions: Utilizing a Browser Extension and Server-side Persistent Queue for Transactional Client-Server Communication
TR-00.14 12/01/2000 Da Ming Chen Linux Based Environment for Experimental Evaluation of Standard TCP Algorithms
TR-00.13 11/29/2000 Xian Xu Dynamic E-Commerce Building System Implementation using Perl
TR-00.12 11/20/2000 Hongjie Cui On-line chopping cart, backoffice and payment system for E-Business
TR-00.11 07/15/2000 Xiumin Wang A Visualization Tool in an Internet-based Design Environment - Design and Implementation
TR-00.09 06/16/2000 Jozo Dujmovic and Howard Lew A Method for Generation Benchmark Programs
TR-00.10 06/16/2000 Wen-Sheng Wang, Jozo J. Dujmovic, Walter Mathews A Tool for Performance Measurement of NT Networks
TR-00.08 06/12/2000 Howard Lew and Jozo Dujmovic Performance Evaluation and Comparison of C++ Compilers
TR-00.07 05/18/2000 Howard Lew A Comparison And Analysis Of C++ Compiler Performance
TR-00.03 05/11/2000 Xiu Deng OO Design/Java Implementation of Networking Lab Software -- Error Recovery Using Windowing Protocols
TR-00.04 05/11/2000 Stephaine Sandberg A Java Based Artificial Intelligence Toolkit
TR-00.05 05/11/2000 Chunying Yang A Comparison of Fast Access Methods in an Internet Based Prototype
TR-00.06 05/11/2000 Daxin Zuo A high performance Internet product prototype: design and implementation
TR-00.02 01/15/2000 Carl Herder and Jozo Dujmovic Measurement and Modeling of Disk Subsystem Performance
TR-00.01 01/03/2000 Thomas Fisher ModelVista - A Meta-Modeling Application with Editor
TR-99.17 12/01/1999 Miho Wanibe Internet Essay Testing (IET)
TR-99.16 11/23/1999 Wen-Sheng Wang Network Performance Measurement Environment for Windows NT
TR-99.15 11/11/1999 Alex Gitelman OGRAPH - An Object Graphics System for X-Windows
TR-99.14 08/25/1999 Wanda Bo-Kuen Yee Instruction Level Parallelism of Modern Benchmarks
TR-99.11 06/15/1999 Jozo J. Dujmovic, Endre Horvath, Howard Lew Benchmark Program Generator for Compiler Performance Analysis
TR-99.13 06/15/1999 Jozo J. Dujmovic, Ivo J. Dujmovic Restoration of Missing Data in Tables Containing Benchmark Suite Measurement Results
TR-99.12 06/12/1999 Jozo J. Dujmovic, Daniel Tomasevich, Ming Au-Yeung Measurement and Modeling of Disk Subsystem Performance
TR-99.08 05/23/1999 Ming Au-Yeung Performance Analysis of Disk Subsystems for Microsoft Windows NT and Sun Solaris Operating Systems
TR-99.09 05/23/1999 Peter Srivaree-Ratana Performance Analysis and Comparison of Linux RedHat 5.2, Solaris 7, and Windows NT 4.5 Operating Systems on Intel X86 Platform
TR-99.10 05/23/1999 Syed Adnan Asar Graphical Tool for Evaluating Systems on the World Wide Web
TR-99.04 05/21/1999 Marco Antonio Ku Measurement and Modeling of LAN Performance Using DCSB
TR-99.05 05/21/1999 Jozo J. Dujmovic, Eduardo Petrolo, Roberto Uzal, Aristides Dasso, Ana Funes, Daniel Riesco, German Montejano, and Adriana Echeverria Software Quality Assurance in a Project Based on Rapid Evolutionary Prototyping Methodology
TR-99.06 05/21/1999 Jozo J. Dujmovic and Goran Bozovic Optimum Location of an Elementary School
TR-99.07 05/21/1999 Daniel Tomasevich Performance Modeling of Computer Systems Processing Disk I/O Workloads
TR-99.03 05/19/1999 Jie Niu CAD Problem Tracing System
TR-99.01 04/30/1999 Jozo J. Dujmovic Universal Benchmark Suites
TR-99.02 04/30/1999 Jozo J. Dujmovic and Albeaus R. Bayucan A Quantitative Method for Software Evaluation and its Application in the Evaluating Windowed Environments