Information for Graduating CS Seniors

First check out the instructions for preparing for graduation by following this link: University Registrar Undergraduate Degree Application.

When you fill out your application, make sure that you have a line item for every single class on the list of requirements from the bulletin.

An example of a completed graduation application form can be found by following this link: Graduation Application Form Sample PDF.

If your courses were all taken at SFSU, the course numbers and course titles on your application should match exactly the bulletin. 

If you have courses that were transferred from outside SFSU, the course numbers and course titles on your application should match exactly your transcript from the other school. For example, if you took CIS 110B from City College of San Francisco in place of CSc 210 at SFSU, the corresponding item in your graduation application should say CIS 110B and not CSc 210. 

You may place lecture courses and their matching labs on the same line (i.e., Phys 220/222 etc). Otherwise you may have to use a second page. This is not a problem!

When you've filled out your graduation application, you must see one the Undergraduate Advisors (any faculty member aside from the transfer and graduate advior) during their posted advising times to have it signed. You will need to bring with you:

  • your application (of course)

If you have transfer units, you will also need to bring:

  • all transcripts from other schools (if your transfer units are on your Transfer Credit Report, don't worry about this)
  • equivalency verification from transfer advisors for transfer units


To complete your oral presentation, please arrange and schedule with faculty of your choice. After you complete your senior oral presentation, the signed form must be submitted to the CS Department office by ***the sponsoring faculty***.


Instructions for oral presentation are here: Department Oral and Written Presentation Requirments Web Page


If everything on your application looks good, the CS Undergraduate Advisor will sign it. What happens next:

  • The Undergraduate Advisor will bring it to the department office for the chair's signature
  • You will receive an email from the department to pick up your signed application
  • Take your copy to the Registrar's to pay fees (you can pay in person or in your Gateway portal).


Most graduation applications are approved. A few applications are rejected, but we can usually help you fix them with very small changes. If you've completed the requirements, we'll do our best to help you through the procedures. Good luck!