Undergraduate Advising

CS Advising Day

A student on his lap top on the San Francisco State University QuadThe CS Department holds an Advising Day every semester, usually on the day before the first day of instruction, in the late afternoon. There will be two important introductory presentations by the department chair, one for undergraduate students, and one for graduate students. Following the introductory meeting, undergraduate students may meet advisers on a drop-in basis in advisers' offices.


Mandatory Advising

CSC 413 Advising — "Mid Point" Advising

All undergraduate CS majors must get advising to gain admission to CSC 413.

Students must get advising prior to the start of CSC 413. If you are currently enrolled in CSC 340, you will probably be taking CSC 413 next semester. You will have until the end of the first week of classes to get advising for 413 if you don't do it the semester before. Those undergraduate CS majors who do not get advising will not be allowed to remain in CSC 413 the following semester. No advising available during finals week and very limited advising available during the summer.


Transfer Students

Transfer students are strongly encouraged to get advising before starting at SFSU. Records will be checked and advising will be required to enroll in CSC 413.

GE Biology requirement advising information can be found at: Undergraduate Program Biology Requirment Informational Web Page.


Ongoing Advising

General advising is available in advisers' offices as per the posted schedule whenever you need it. Check advising page for advising hours: Department Faculty Web Page. Advising is organized by academic standing (e.g. juniors see the junior advisor). It is important that you get timely advising and not wait for problems to become hard to resolve.


Probation Advising

Students who need probation advising should see the probation adviser first, and then the Chair. If a probation adviser cannot be reached on time (i.e. during recess and vacations), see the Chair.

For more information please follow the link provided: University Probation Information Web Page