Senior Electives

Students are advised to check their university and college regulations regarding academic standing requirements. It is occasionally possible to use a course taken in a different department or at another university to satisfy elective requirements. Finally, any course substitutions must be approved in advance by a Senior Advisor.



All CSC majors must complete four 3-unit senior electives. Students may choose 12 units from among the following courses:

  • CSC 520: Theory of Computing 
  • CSC 615: UNIX Programming
  • CSC 620: Natural Language Technologies
  • CSC 621: Biomedical Imaging & Analysis
  • CSC 630: Computer Graphics Systems Design
  • CSC 631: Multiplayer Game Developement
  • CSC 637: Software Techniques for Computer Music
  • CSC 641: Computer Performance Evaluation
  • CSC 642: Human-Computer Interaction
  • CSC 645: Computer Networks
  • CSC 650: Secured Network Systems
  • CSC 651: Systems Administration
  • CSC 656: Computer Organization
  • CSC 664: Multimedia Systems
  • CSC 667: Internet Application Design and Development
  • CSC 668: Advanced Object Oriented Software Design and Development
  • CSC 675: Introdruction to Database Systems
  • CSC 676: Soft Computing and Decision Support Systems
  • CSC 690: Interactive Multimedia Application Development
  • CSC 699: Independent Study
  • MATH 400: Numerical Analysis
  • MATH 425: Applied and Computational Linear Algebra

*Most graduate CSC courses may also be used as senior electives.
**You may only choose one of the listed MATH courses as a senior elective.