Senior Oral Presentation

Fulfilling oral requirements are mandatory for your graduation.

Good oral and written communication skills are essential for a successful software career today. Objective 4 in our Mission Statement states:

"Students will demonstrate the ability to give presentations and write technical reports."

The Senior Oral Presentation requirement ensures that students practice presenting technical material and fulfill this education objective.

Students will fulfill the written requirement by passing the CSC 300 GWAR course, but still need to complete the oral presentation requirement.

The senior oral presentation is a short technical talk with supporting materials, on a computing-related topic. Students usually complete their oral presentation requirement in an advanced CSC class that they are taking. This is often one of the advanced requirements (415, 510, 600, 648), or one of the senior electives. A presentation must be supervised and evaluated by a faculty member, usually the instructor of the class hosting the presentation.

You should choose the class and faculty member for your oral presentation, one semester before your proposed graduation date; for example, for May 2020 graduation, you should try to arrange your presentation for the Fall 2019. At the beginning of the semester, talk with a faculty member to make arrangements for an oral presentation. Each faculty member and class has different presentation guidelines; some classes do not accommodate presentations.

You will prepare your presentation, and give the talk on the scheduled date. Your supervising faculty will evaluate the presentation. If your presentation is unsatisfactory, you may have to spend more time preparing, and repeat the presentation until it is satisfactory.

The evaluation forms and procedures for oral and written requirements are located on our forms page at: Department Oral and Written Requirements Forms Web Page

Good resources with advice on how to write technical reports:

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