Information for Transfer Students

Outside of SFSU

Transfer Students

Our program has been recently revised to streamline the course articulation for transfer, allowing more courses taken at community colleges or other schools to count towards your Computer Science Degree at SFSU.


Transferable Courses

All lower division courses (course numbers below 300) included among the degree requirements are available at many community colleges in California. Students intending to enter the program upon transferring to San Francisco State University from a community college should take as many of those courses there as possible.

The equivalents for the following Computer Science courses may be taken from approved universities and applied to your SF State CS Degree:

  • CSC 210: Introduction to (Java) Programming
  • CSC 220: Data Structures
  • CSC 230: Discrete Mathematics
  • CSC 256: Machine Structures

Additionally, the following non-CS courses, required for completion of the program, may also be transferred from other institutions depending on their respective department's policies:

  • MATH 226: Calculus I
  • MATH 227: Calculus II
  • PHYS 220/222: Physics I
  • PHYS 230/232: Physics II
  • BIOL 100: Introduction to Biology

To verify course equivalencies, please consult

If all lower-division major and GE requirements are satisfied, check out the SF State Bulletin's Roadmap for Transfer Students.

For more information about your advising and transition into the program visit our Department Transfer Advising Web Page. Transfer Advisors: Professor William Hsu, Professor Jingyi Wang, Professor Ilmi Yoon.

Expected Programming Knowledge

Students who transfer to our program should have adequate Java experience. Students can attain adequate Java background by taking a course which should include topics as specified in the resources below:

The main Java tutorials website: Oracle Java Tutorial Documentation Web Page


Topics Include:

  1. Oracle Java Tutorial Documentation: Getting Started (Study All Topics)
  2. Oracle Java Tutorial Documentation: Learning the Java Language (Study All Topics)
  3. Oracle Java Tutorial Documentation: Essential Java Classes (Study Exceptions and Basic I/O)
  4. Oracle Java Tutorial Documentation: Collections (Study Introduction and Interfaces)