Minor Programs

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Minor Programs

Computer Applications Minor - 15 units


As computing applications are present in virtually all aspects of our lives, we have seen a drastic increase in the number and types of opportunities that creatively merge computing technologies with existing non-computational practices and professions. To meet this demand, the Computing Application Minor offers pathways to learning to build effective computing applications, such as for web and mobile platforms, through an interdisciplinary curriculum geared towards non-CS major students. Students will be introduced to computer programming and web application development, and build engineering, scientific and creative applications.


For program requirements and electives: Minor in Computer Applications


Computer Science Minor - 21 units


Many university students want to acquire sufficient computer science background to enable them to use computers effectively in their major areas or to provide an alternative source of income after graduation, but do not want to study computer science in the depth required for the B.S. degree. For such students, a minor consisting of the most central courses in the B.S. program, plus some electives, is ideal. Students are advised that CR/NC grades are not acceptable in courses to be counted for the Computer Science Minor.


For program requirements and electives: Minor in Computer Science