Abstract: This project presents design and implementation of an educational tool for study of programming language Python. It aims at providing a cleaner user interface for better online learning experience at free of cost. Along with the course contents focusing on the fundamentals and some high-level concepts in Python, tool also provides a testing and practice environment for the user. Contents of lessons and quizzes can be modified by instructor at admin dashboard. The tool is a web application built using Flask, a micro framework written in Python.

CE - 17.29

One of the important activities involved in Biocuration is that of cataloging mentions of gene interactions from biological and medical literature. A complete understanding of these interactions is beneficial to the fields of genetics and medicine. As the rate of academic publication increases year over year, text mining and machine learning are increasingly being applied to the curation process. Curators now find themselves with an overabundance of data. We have developed GeneDive as a front line application for helping curators consume large datasets of gene, drug, and disease interactions.

CE- 17.25

This project is aimed at adding the UI/UX functionality to the existing Radiology Module with dcm4chee(2014) for OpenMRS, which is a computer software for electronic medical records. The UI/UX is implemented using OpenMRS UI Framework. The project required the understanding of the existing code base and adding additional functionality such as Storescu utility in the case when the modality software is not available, to transfer the dicom images from modality to PACS.


Along with the evolution of Android, there has been a drastic increase in the number of Android applications. Much has been said about the topic of battery conservation but there is an important aspect that concerns the Android users the most, battery draining applications. Most of the time applications drain the battery without us realizing it. Sometimes it is done maliciously but often, it can be explained by poor application design and violation of best practices. For example: an application registers a location listener and forgets to unregister it, which can drain battery drastically.


This project presents the design and implementation of an educational tool for the study of the programming language PHP. PHP is a server side scripting language which was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. This educational tool is a web application which was developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. It offers a brief introduction and covers important programming concepts in PHP.


What are the three biggest problems plaguing our commute today? Traffic is out of control, pollution is getting worse, and due to longer commute hours, our work-life balance is suffering. So how can we well-meaning folk help ease the traffic, reduce our carbon footprint and cut our driving time - all at the same time? Easy. By opening our cars for others. The benefits of carpooling are many-fold.


Nowadays, people have a multitude of interests and would like to extend their outlooks and opinions among others, who enjoy doing the same things, or to initiate and organize activities for the people with these identical interests. The main focus of this mobile application is to enable people to join as many groups as possible so that they could communicate with others across a diverse field of hobbies all in one application. This mobile application uses Android as its base client side, node.js as its backend technology and MongoDB as its database.


We present an Automated Question Answering system that applies tools and techniques from Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning and Data Mining to answer both, factoid and non-factoid, questions from any domain.