CE 18.11

The problem of understanding the execution paths of an application and thereby its flow, especially for complex programs employing multithreading and synchronization, is well appreciated and commonly encountered. The aid of logging statements is often used to understand better the execution and flow of the code, but this approach has a varying degree of effectiveness limited due to the following: 1. Manual logging covers only part of the code and does not provide a holistic view. 2. The result is a textual file; large files tend to be cumbersome to understand. 3.

CE 18.10

This report documents three components that comprise the overall Culminating Experience Project. The first component is City to City, an interactive exhibit that inspires viewers to think about their internet traffic from new perspectives. City to City’s user traffic is traced and geolocated: the physical locations of the data routing devices are found from their internet protocol (IP) addresses, and the data path is animated on a world map, with sound accompaniment, in real-time. City to City was on view at the Zero One Garage in San Jose, in Spring 2014.

Abeer AlJarrah


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