Parcel delivery or courier services are widely used today, but can be costly. Meet-the-Need is an application that provides courier services based on a sharing economy model. Meet-the-Need does not require any infrastructure to provide courier services, unlike other courier services such as UPS, USPS, FedEx etc. A parcel sender, who needs a parcel to be delivered, can post a parcel request, offering a proposed fee for the delivery service. Our application will provide a list of commuters already traveling towards the parcel destination, with capacity to accommodate the proposed parcel.


EPUB-Reader is an Android app that enables users to read e-books available in ePub format on their devices. The app aims to enhance the user's reading and learning experience by tracking user activities and providing innovative, user-oriented features. Built using Apache Cordova, a hybrid mobile development framework, the app utilizes the versatility of ePub format to provide readers with the ability to bookmark pages, annotate text and perform word lookups with pictorial representations.


The goal of VisGraphs is to develop a web-based learning tool for visualizations of graph algorithms. VisGraphs is accessible on modern browsers (Chrome/Safari/Firefox) and provides a consistent and simple user interface across different algorithm visualizations. A user can create a graph from scratch or import or export a graph using files. Currently, VisGraphs has visualizations for a collection of algorithms including: binary tree traversal, heaps, binary search tree, minimum spanning tree, balanced binary search tree and graph traversal.


World of Balance (WoB) is an ecology science teaching tool designed into a client-server game envi-ronment. This project is focused on several key components; development of a multiplayer version of the Convergence game, game Lobby enhancements to increase user capability and enjoyment, website improvements and development of ecosystem simulation for the game server. The multiplayer Conver-gence game allows gamers to play together and earn credits based upon how well they perform in com-petition with each other. Preview, opponent monitor and tracking features have been added.


Calendar is one of the most widely used and essential personal tools on smart phones. SuperCaly (superior calendar) is a novel smartphone app that organizes the user’s life around the calendar. SuperCaly extends calendar by integrating location tracking, group messaging, media organization, and search functions into one cohesive app. Popular calendar apps, such a Google Calendar and iOS Calendar, allow users to create events and invite participants. However, they lack an in-app chatting platform that allows users to interact with event participants conveniently.


Ecosystems are complex systems with many interdependent participants. Bioenergetic models of population dynamics help provide insight into specific aspects of ecosystem behavior. Due to the complex, nonlinear behavior of these models, and the large number of input parameters, it is difficult to parameterize them to correctly reflect real-world phenomena. We address this problem in the context of allometric trophic network models, a category of bioenergetic models based on food webs.