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All SF State CS Students


Proper and timely advising has been shown to significantly improve students' success and graduation rate. We summarize here our advising process and mandatory advising checkpoints.

All SFSU CS students are responsible for the following:

  • Following the appropriate advising process to their standing, as described under these Undergraduate and Graduate pages.
  • Regularly visiting the CS homepage and appropriate advising page to their standing.
  • Reading all emails sent from the CS office and faculty.
  • Seeking advising for any mandatory advising checkpoints.
  • Seeking advising whenever a need arises, in a timely fashion with respect to any deadlines.


CS Advising Day


Every semester, the CS Department holds an Advising Day (typically on the day before the first day of instruction, in the late afternoon). There will be two important introductory presentations by the Department Chair to welcome our Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Advising Day will cover motivation, new trends in jobs and research, why study CS, about the CS Department, its accomplishments and projects, review schedules, new classes, new policies, and Q/A.

Following the introductory meeting, undergraduate students may meet advisors on a drop-in basis in advisors’ offices.


New and Transfer Students


New and transfer students are strongly encouraged to attend the orientation program prior to the first semester of attendance.


International Students


  • International students have special requirements such as minimal load and maintenance of minimum required GPA.
  • International students are strongly advised to seek advising during the first week of classes.



For more information and resources, check out: SF State's Advising Hub.