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Computer Science Education

Our Computer Science Education program prioritizes inclusivity and diversity aiming to provide equitable access to computer science learning for students from various backgrounds. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, teacher training, and resources that cater to diverse populations, emphasizing the importance of digital literacy and computational thinking. The program encourages underrepresented groups to engage in coding, problem-solving, and technology exploration, fostering a more inclusive and empowered generation of young learners in the field of computer science.

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Advanced Computational Technology

In Advanced Computational Technology research our dual-focused program explores High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Quantum Computing. In HPC, it optimizes algorithms and architectures to enable complex simulations and scientific breakthroughs. Simultaneously, in quantum computing, it investigates quantum algorithms, programming languages, and system performance to push the boundaries of computation for cryptography, optimization, and the sciences.

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Cyber Security

Our Cybersecurity research program is dedicated to advancing techniques, algorithms, and knowledge essential for protecting systems and data against threats. It delves into emerging threats such as data/model poisoning, eavesdropping, and privacy leakage while also bolstering intrusion detection systems. Through collaborative efforts, our researchers strive to develop robust cybersecurity solutions that protect privacy and ensure the integrity of digital assets.  This program aims to strengthen cyber defenses in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Our AI research program delves into the intersection of methods, applications, and ethics of AI. Researchers develop novel methods to enhance capabilities, transparency, and interpretability of AI models.  Simultaneously, the program applies these techniques to real-world challenges, including usability of computer systems by people with disabilities and to science problems, ensuring that AI technology benefits society responsibly and justly.

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Data Perceptualization and User Experience

Data Perceptualization and Human-Computer Interface. A cutting-edge computer science research program in data perceptualization, human interface, and computer graphics focuses on advancing the equitable and accessible representations of and interaction with complex data sets. It explores innovative techniques for rendering data in intuitive and aesthetically pleasing ways, enhancing user experiences through interactive interfaces. By leveraging state-of-the-art computational technologies, this program aims to bridge the gap between data analytics and human cognition, enabling more effective data-driven decision-making and communication.