Grad Forms

If you are submitting a Waiver of College Regulations Petition form, please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Student fills out the petition form electronically: 

  • Check only 1 box. If you need to submit multiple petitions, use different forms. 
  • Send form from your SFSU email to Instructor’s SFSU email for approval 
  • Note: you DO NOT have to sign the form if it is being sent from your official SFSU email account. 
    NAME – SFSU ID# (ex. John Doe - 912345678) 

STEP 2: Instructor receives form and forwards approval to the CS Office 

  • Forward approval with an “I approve” from the instructor’s official SFSU email to
    Note: instructors DO NOT need to sign the form if it is being sent from their official SFSU email account. 

STEP 3: Office checks if all the above is correct and then forwards to Department Chair 

  • Put * after ID# in email title for everything except “Repeat a course after maximum attempts or in excess of unit repeat limits” 
  • Forward to Dept. Chair and cc student 

STEP 4: Department Chair will forward approval to Registrar’s to process 

If you do not complete all instructions in Step 1 correctly, the CS Office will reroute your petition form back to your email for you to correct.

Has my petition been approved/processed?

If you have been cc'd in the email with approval from the Dept. Chair to the Registrar's, your form has been sent to the Registrar's to process your petition. If you have not, the office is most likely waiting on the Instructor to send their approval. The Registrars Office will provide updates to your petition to your SFSU email.