Leaping Into the World of Computer Science with the help of Google’s CSRMP

Author: Ase Mora
May 8, 2023
San Francisco State University, Department of Computer Science graduate Purva Zinjarde
Photo Credit: Purva Zinjarde

The CS Department would like to congratulate SFSUs own Purva Zinjarde, on their acceptance into the Google CS Research Mentorship Program (CSRMP)!

The CSRMP is an extremely competitive 12-week networking and support program designed to pair historically marginalized students with other students of similar backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to network as well as research resources. Better establishing these brilliant young minds into the world of CS. Zinjarde is set to graduate from the Computer Science Department in December 2023, as their graduation slowly approaches, Zinjarde recalls their own experience navigating the CS world; “I stumbled into the world of computer science by chance, but I quickly fell in love with it” and its “endless possibilities”. Recognizing the vastness of the CS world, it is Zinjarde’s wish to help other young “stumbling” CS students find their footing in the field by also applying to the CSRMP’s upcoming Class B cycle this July.