Prof. Daniel Huang Recipient 2023 Petkovic Family Teaching Excellence Award

Author: Dr. Wes Bethel
May 28, 2023
CS Department Chair Dr. Arno Puder awarding Dr. Daniel Huang the 2023 Petkovic Family Teaching Excellence Award

Prof. Daniel Huang of the SFSU Computer Science Department is the recipient of the 2023 Petkovic Family Teaching Excellence Award. Dr. Arno Puder, CS Department Chair, presented the award certificate at the 2023 CS Graduation Ceremony.

The award criteria includes consideration of feedback from students. Some of the feedback from over 1,400 votes includes comments like:

  • "Not only does the instructor get you excited about the subject, but was easily approachable for questions/comments throughout the semester."
  • "Through humor and experience, information was well communicated to the class, which is hard to do for teachers in the cs major. More lively and up-to-date on what a programmer feels than any other CS professor I have met."
  • "[He] Really wanted everyone to learn the material and he did that by giving multiple ways of teaching a particular subject and making sure everybody understood the subject."

About the award: its purpose is to recognize achievements in teaching effectiveness, in creating an academic environment that fosters student learning, that makes use of high-impact and inclusive active learning techniques, and that contributes to improvement of CS instruction and curriculum. The award is generously provided by the Family of CS Professor Dragutin Petkovic, who has been a champion of the effort that faculty put into teaching.

Congratulations Prof. Huang! Thanks to the CS students for providing such amazing feedback, and thanks to Prof. Petkovic for creating this award to recognize teaching excellence.